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The Hobnobber is offering you a space to grow your business.



The Hobnobber has 2 locations in Saskatoon: Our original location at 417 33rd Street West, and our new store in the Drinkle Mall at 115 3rd Avenue South in Saskatoon, opened in 2022.

Our 33rd Street West location has been an Artisan type store for 3 yrs. The previous store moved locations giving me an opportunity to expand and grow my business. As a prior Artisan in this store for 3 years, I found it to be very successful which is why I wanted to stay and offer other Artisans a home to grow their business!

The Hobnobber is home to local Artisans, Crafters, Up-Cyclers, Handmade/Homemade goods.


  • 33rd Street is a high visibility location with extensive drive by traffic throughout the year. It also provide your business additional events throughout the year as we join in
    • the annual 33rd Street Sidewalk Sale
    • Christmas Crawl Sale and
    • Spring Crawl Sale!


Store is rental ONLY. You will have the option to select the size of display that matches your needs.

Choose from standard sizes such as:

  • 1ft X 1ft floor space to 5ft tall would be $75.00 per month.
  • 1ft x 2ft shelf space for $35.00 per month
  • Custom sizes – please determine the type of display and size you require and we will provide you with the pricing per month.
  • Rental costs will be determined by size of your display. The Hobnobber can supply display shelf/table space for a monthly fee. We suggest to use your own shelf/table. This will make your area uniquely yours!



The Hobnobber covers

  • Your own retail location (we cover ALL lease & utilities) which gives you instant credibility and removes selling in coffee shops and in your own home
  • State of the art website to promote your products online
  • Comprehensive inventory system that lets you know:
    • What you sold
    • What you have for inventory – saves you time making only what you need
    • Export to analyse your sales and what are your best sellers
    • Put products on sale
    • Allows you to upload products, pictures and descriptions in your home prior to coming to the store and restocking your shelves
    • Surveillance cameras
    • Alarm system
    • Staffing


A 10% charge on your items sold covers

  • bags, credit/debit card charges
  • accounting for tax remittances

this means your rent can be lower because you only pay this fee on items sold.


The Hobnobber will regularly market & advertise on

  • social media
  • Attend specific Trade Shows promoting the store
  • We will supply you with invitation cards, to give to clients or hand out at Trade Shows
  • Provide a Seasonal Section for you to showcase specific products - space will be limited
  • From time to time you may be asked to be in our front window displays
  • Other opportunities as seen appropriate

Your Marketing Program gives you the opportunity to grow your business and have a community of artisans that support each other

Your Minimum Marketing Requirements

  • We expect our Artisans to have a Business Facebook and/or Instagram page (if you require assistance, please let us know)
  • WHY? You will be able to utilize our state of the art technology to have your products listed and easily do posts for each product directly to your social media page. Once a client clicks on the product, they will be able to purchase these items as well as view all your line.
  • We require sellers to participate in our FREE MARKETING PROGRAMS by sharing The Hobnobber posts and events. We will provide you all the benefits of this program once you have become an Artisan.
  • REMEMBER! This is YOUR business to promote. We know first-hand that the more your participate in our marketing programs and conduct your own, the more you sell.


As mentioned you will be part of our online store and state of the art inventory system. This allows you to track your stock and daily sales. Please take the time to tell your “story” about you and your products when entering them into the artisan system. You will receive tips on how to best illustrate your products online.

We also encourage you to meet our staff so they can share your story and product details with customers.


The Hobnobber will do its best not to duplicate similar items sold by other Artisans. This allows customers to experience a wide type of products. From time to time there may be similarities that have met requirements regarding non duplication. If you are planning to expand a product line, please note that if there are other artisans that already have the same or similar product, we may require you to remove the product until that type of product becomes available to sell. We are here together to network and help each other’s business grow, not compete within.

Hours will be Tuesday - Saturdays 11:30 - 5:30. Extended hours during Christmas Season.

For more information, please contact Karen at



Download and complete the registration along WITH PAYMENT to reserve your spot and product line. Download Agreement Here